1.  Through cheerleading, teach our athletes essential life skills and habits that will prepare them for success in all areas of their personal lives.

The challenges and habits required to be a successful cheerleader prepare our athletes with the tools and strategies to be successful life long learners and contributors to society.  This would include such areas as organizational skills, motivation and inner drive, setting goals, coping with success and loss, perseverance, communication and establishing postive, healthy relationships


2. Through cheerleading, promote personal health and wellness strategies.

The habits and skills instilled into the training and conditioning of our athletes will prepare them for a life of health and fitness.  This would include such areas as conditioning/training, healthy eating, proper sleeping habits, coping with stress and dealing with mental health issues


3. Develop cheerleaders with strong fundamental skills.

Ensure we practice under a philosophy of “perfection before progression” to learn skills.  Drills build the skills that will allow our athletes to be strong technical athletes with the ability to go on in Univeristy, Professional, National and World level cheerleading when they leave high school. 




Attendance - 
Cheerleading is a sport that requires an athlete to have a specific position (or job) in the routine.  If your child is absent from a practice, the rest of their stunt group cannot practice their stunts.  Everyone needs to be at every practice.  If you have a situation where you will have to miss practice please contact your coach in advance. If attendance is a chronic problem, the athlete may be pulled from stunts or may receive an alternative team placement.  
Respect for Teammates and Coaches -
Respect for others is a core principle in healthy team development.  Respect for yourself, your teammates, and your coaches creates an atmosphere where individuals and teams thrive and achieve success. Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated with a coach or fellow teammate.  Athletes and/or parents will be given a warning and may be asked to leave the program if the issue persists.
Athlete Safety and Liability - 
In cheerleading, skills in tumbling and stunting follow a safe progression of development. Athletes practice and perfect skills at lower levels to ensure proper muscle memory and to prepare for the necessary reactions when attempting higher level skills.  Team placement will be determined by the coaching staff to ensure each athlete is practicing and progressing at their own level of ability.


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