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Updated: September 2022



Please follow the NWHU COVID-19 information regarding what to do in case of

symptoms, exposure, or positive test (link below). Please do not come to

practice sick or if you fail the COVID-19 school screening (link below).

1. Do not send your athlete to cheer if they:

a. Have ANY symptoms of illness whether COVID-19 or not and do not pass the COVID-19

self-assessment prior to their practice time;

b. Are self-isolating based on the current NWHU COVID-19 information:


2. All coaches, volunteers and athletes are responsible for conducting their own pre-screening

every time before they enter the facility. Please take the Ontario COVID-19 self-assessment at

the following link

3. Anyone who enters the building will be expected to sanitize their hands upon entry and exit

using the sanitizers provided.

4. If an athlete becomes unwell during practice they will be sent home.


1. Administration will continue to update families and share information through our Facebook

site (Kenora All Star Cheerleading) and through email.

2. Administration will review Ministry of Health and Northwestern Health Unit guidance to ensure

our procedures are up to date.

3. Any new changes to the COVID-19 situation in our area our administration will reach out to the

Northwestern Health Unit for guidance in relation to our program.

4. Protocols indicated throughout this document that relate to class times will be implemented by

the scheduled coaches assigned to that class.

5. Administration will review our COVID-19 protocols whenever any new changes arise in our

region in consultation with the Northwestern Health Unit. Any changes made will be

communicated by email and through our Facebook page Kenora All Star Cheerleading.

Anyone entering the facility must agree with and follow our COVID-19 protocols listed above. This

plan may change at any given time but will always be posted in its most up to date version on our

website at

If you have any questions please email

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