1. Do not send your athlete to cheer if they:

    1. Have a cough, fever, are sick or have any symptoms of COVID-19;

    2. Have tested positive (and not recovered with a negative test), are currently awaiting a test result, or have had close contact with a person what has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days;

    3. Have travelled outside of Canada within the past 14 days or have travelled within Canada to an area with a high number of COVID-19 cases in the past 14 days.

  2. All coaches, volunteers and athletes are responsible for conducting their own pre-screening every time before they enter the facility. Please take the Ontario COVID-19 self-assessment at the following link

  3. If a coach, volunteer or athlete are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 they must stay home and seek testing and appropriate medical advice.

    1. No test: return to the facility 14 days after start of symptoms, if symptoms have resolved OR at least 24 hours after symptoms have resolved with an alternative diagnosis by a health care professional, OR at least 24 hours after symptoms have resolved and a health care professional did not recommend COVID-19 testing.

    2. Negative test: return to the facility after at least 24 hours without symptoms (unless you have been in close contact of a known COVID -19 case in which case you must remain home for the 14 day self isolation period).

    3. Positive test: return to the facility at the direction of the Northwestern Health Unit.

  4. No spectators/parents/guardians/siblings allowed in the building.

  5. Maximum class size of 18.

  6. We ask that all parents social distance in our parking lot.

  7. We ask that all parents promptly come and go from the parking lot to ensure we are keeping the minimum amount of people there at all times.

  8. Max Fogger will be used to sanitize in between all classes using Vital Oxide solution as per guidelines provided by manufacturer.

  9. In addition to this fogger. High touch surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized by hand with a disinfectant wipe or spray (door knobs, light switch, faucets, etc.)

  10. Main entrance door will be wiped down in between each class.

  11. There are marked spots to help identify the athletes spot on the mat to encourage social distancing at 2m apart and athletes will be instructed to stay within that space.

  12. Coaches will wear masks at the start and end times of classes and at any time during the class where social distancing cannot be maintained. They may choose to wear the face mask the entire class if they choose or remove it when they are in their distanced spot.

  13. Coaches must wear a mask to spot the athletes.

  14. All head coaches will provide their contact information to parents so that in the event an athlete has to be picked up early etc. proper arrangements can be made without the parent or guardian entering the facility.



  1. Athletes will not be allowed into the building before their class.

  2. Parents are expected to be in the parking lot at the end of class, you cannot be late as we are unable to allow the next class to enter until all athletes from the previous class have exited the building.

  3. Athletes must come fully dressed and ready to go, no change rooms.

  4. Athletes should bring the absolute minimum into the facility.

  5. Athletes must enter and exit the floor wearing a face mask.

  6. Anyone who enters the building will be expected to sanitize their hands upon entry and exit using the sanitizers provided and wear a face mask.

  7. Athletes must bring their own labeled water bottle – water fountain will be off limits.

  8. Upstairs washroom will be closed and only downstairs washroom will only be used (sanitization in-between classes is easier if only one washroom is being used).

  9. Parents are expected to provide up to date contact information so if your athlete becomes unwell they can be contacted for pickup immediately.

  10. If an athlete becomes unwell during practice they will be isolated in the meeting room until a parent is able to pick up. The parent must take the child directly home to isolate. If the child is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms the parent should call the COVID-19 assessment centre to book a test or seek medical attention if urgent. NWHU COVID-19 hotline is available during business hours for consultation. The athlete will not be able to return to their class until NWHU has deemed it safe.


Entering the facility

  1. There will be a coach or volunteer stationed at the door who will let the athlete know when they are allowed to enter the building

  2. One at a time the athletes wearing a mask will be instructed to enter the building

  3. Athletes will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entry

  4. They will take off their jackets and other belongings and place them in a numbered bin and move to the corresponding numbered spot along the main walls with their water bottle and either stand or sit waiting for the class to start

  5. The head coach of the class will instruct the students to hang their mask on the hook, leave their water bottle on the floor and start their class

  6. Anyone entering that is not an athlete or coach or volunteer will have to sign-in on the sheet on the bulletin board so we can ensure proper tracing protocols

  7. Attendance of all classes will be strictly tracked by the head coach for proper contact tracing protocols.



Exiting the facility

  1. Each athlete will be asked to stand on their numbered spot that they were assigned at the beginning of class

  2. Athletes will be instructed to put on their mask and grab their water bottle

  3. One at a time each athlete will be called to the foyer, they will gather their belongings, jackets etc. from their bucket and will move to the coach/volunteer at the door where that adult will ensure their parent is in the parking lot waiting and will watch the athlete make their way safety to their parent/guardian.

  4. Athletes will use the hand sanitizer provided before they exit the facility.

  5. If their parent is not in the parking lot they will be asked to line-up outside socially distanced 2 meters apart in the view of the coach/volunteer.

  6. Athletes will be called in a timed manner to allow for proper social distancing as they exit the building.

  7. It is imperative that parents are in the parking lot waiting for their athlete.

  8. It is imperative that parents are watching the flow of athletes as they drive through the parking lot to ensure the safety of the athletes as they exit.

  9. We are asking parents to not park right up to the building to allow for a line-up if needed of either athletes entering or exiting the building.


Anyone entering the facility must agree with and follow our COVID-19 protocols listed above. This plan may change at any given time but will always be posted in its most up to date version on our website at

If you have any questions please email info@cheerkenora

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