Q: What is the best way to get information about Kenora All Star Cheerleading?  

A: Once on a team, the team will also have a specific means of communicating with athletes and parents either through a Shutterfly account or a closed Facebook group.

General information can also be found on our website at www.cheerkenora.com and our other social media sites.

Parent Meetings September – Beginning of the season General Information and meetings closer to competitions as required.


Q: What’s the best way to contact KAS?

A: You can send a private message through one of the social media sites with your questions or to our email at info@kenoracheer.com.  If the question requires a conversation, then please leave your contact information so an Executive member or coach can call you back. Parents are asked to please not use practice time as a time to communicate with coaches.  Also, please direct administrative questions to the Executive as coaches do not know your child’s account balance or program costs etc.


Q: How do I register?

A: Registration will be online this year.  Check for the link on Facebook - Kenora All Star Cheerleading and this website to register your child late August/early September.  KAS will also be at Mass Registration 

Q: How do I know what team my child should sign up for?

A: Team placement is determined by the coaching staff and is based on the athlete skill level, cheer/dance/gymnastics/skating experience, core strength and body awareness, stunting ability, tumbling ability, commitment, attitude and leadership qualities.  Parents and athletes are asked to complete the Team Placement Request form and identify your skill levels.  It is recommended that you select two teams that best fit your level of ability.  Athletes will attend placement practices in September as teams are finalized and stunt groups are created.  Teams need to be carefully balanced with flyers, back spots and bases.  Your child will be placed on a team that best matches their skill level as well as considers the overall strength of the team.

Q: What should my KAS athlete wear to practice?

A: Athletic T shirt and shorts.  Hair should be tied back and off the shoulders.  Clean indoor shoes and no jewellery.  If you are in a competitive program, you should have proper cheerleading shoes.  Your membership fee includes a Club tshirt.  Other KAS cheer clothing including practice shorts, crop tops, sweats are available for purchase.


Q: What happens if a practice is cancelled?

A: Parents will be notified through social media of practice cancellations as soon as possible.  Last minute cancellations will be posted on Facebook and the website. 


Q: What is the athlete’s responsibility for missing a practice?

A:  Athletes must tell a coach in advance of the absence and provide a reason. Please see “Expectations of a KAS Athlete” for more information.


Q: How do I pay for the sessions etc.

A: Parents can make a payment arrangement with our Administrative Director Natalie Pearson.  We accept cash, cheques and e-transfers to kascheerfinance@gmail.com please use password kascheer.  Parent can pay in full, once a month, or split payments over the session.  KAS is also sponsored by Triple Play.  Cheques are made payable to Kenora All Star Cheerleading.


Q: Are there fundraising opportunities?

A: Yes.  Competitive athletes to date have had access to fundraising opportunities through KAS and the Parent Group.  Some fundraising activity is required and some fundraising activity is optional.  Any monies earned through fundraising are deposited into each athlete’s cheer account.


Q: How does KAS keep track of my payments?  How do I know how much I owe?

A: Our accounting is managed by Natalie Pearson who is a Certified Professional Chartered Accountant.  Each competitive athlete is given an athlete account where monies received and payments for product or service are listed.  At the Parent Meeting at the beginning of the season, a breakdown of costs is provided for each team.


Q: Are there scholarships or bursaries through KAS?

A:  Yes!  If an athlete has been in the KAS program for FIVE competitive seasons AND is on a KAS competitive cheerleading team in their graduating year, the athlete qualifies for a KAS Bursary awarded on the night of High School Graduation.


Q: Can parents watch practices?

A:  Parents in the gym are very distracting.  The chatter that occurs as parents visit is distracting to athletes and coaches.  Coaches want parents to see the skill development of their children and will provide opportunities for parents to view a practice. Coaches will also post skill videos on the private Facebook group from time to time.  If you are in the gym watching a practice, please be respectful to the coaches and athletes.  Do not let other children run around the gym or onto the practice mat, do not speak in a loud, distracting manner and do not interrupt the coach or athletes during the practice.


Q: What is a “Team Mom” “Team Dad”?

A:  Parents who have been in the program and have had experience with the procedures and protocols of the KAS program may be designated as a Team Leader for a specific team.  As a volunteer, this parent can help new parents with the everyday questions related to cheerleading, practices and competitions.  They can also act as a liaison between the Executive and the team to help make the experience better for all.  They can also help lead fundraising projects and help distribute information.

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