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Kenora All Star Cheerleading is a Recreational and Competitive All Star Gym. Athletes can participate in half year programs that focus on learning the skills of cheerleading with their friends in a fun environment. Competitive programs are skill-based and provide an opportunity to work together and independently to get new skills.


Kenora All Star Cheerleading has a program philosophy that focuses on character building and leadership. The strength of the team and your role in contributing to the team is a underlying focus in our program. KAS builds strong cheerleaders but more importantly young people who develop confidence, compassion and drive to be successful in life.

Kenora All Star Cheerleading facilitates Leadership development through our Coaches in Training program. Athletes 12 years and up learn about safe coaching and develop an understanding of child development and athletes in sport. This training build confidence and strength interpersonal relationships that will be useful in cheer, their future career and in life.

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