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Please read our Opening Procedures

We are so excited to announce that we are ready to open registration or the 2020-2021 cheer season!

Due to COVID-19 the 2020-21 cheerleading season will not have competitions and therefore we have decided to organize our practices in age groups rather then teams. We will continue to work our athletes strength, flexibility and stamina through cardio, jumps, dance and tumbling training. Our facility
allows for 18 athletes to practice at a time with a specified space on the mat to ensure social distancing and athlete safety is maintained.
To ensure all our returning athletes have a chance to practice we may have to drop some age groups to once per week once registration is complete. Age groups and times may change slightly depending on registration numbers.

Early bird registration for returning athletes will open Sunday September 13, 2020 at 9am please login to your parent portal (link on our website) to register. New Registration will open to the public Wednesday September 16, 2020 at 9am please click on the registration link on our website (
Please ensure you read our COVID-19 Protocols posted on our website and Facebook page before registering as you will be required to confirm you have read and agreed at time of registration. Prior to registration please acknowledge there is an expectation that athletes are able to maintain
distance and follow direction during their class. Unfortunately due to the restrictions COVID-19 has in place we will not be offering our mini cheer class
aged 3-4 years old this season but plan to bring it back next season when it is safe to do so!

COVID-19 Practice Protocols:

Masks are to be worn when entering and exiting the building but can be taken off while practicing. The coach may ask for masks to be worn when social distancing during the class cannot be maintained. 


Drop-off and pick-up only. Parents/guardians will not be allowed into the facility. Facility will open approximately 5 minutes before practice and the coach/volunteer will let athletes know when to enter.  Athletes will sanitize their hands when they enter and place their shoes and personal belongings in a bin and then proceed to one of the marked spots on the floor.

Coaches will wear masks at class start and end times and at times during class where they are not able to maintain social distance. They may remove their mask when standing in their own distanced spot.

At the end of practice athletes will put their masks back on and stand at their designated spot on the mat. The coach will call them one at a time to go grab their belongings from their bin, sanitize and leave the facility for their parents to pick-up.

We have purchased a “max fogger” which will be used to sanitize in between all classes using Vital Oxide solution as per guidelines provided by the manufacturer. The product is “food safe” so there is no potential harm to the athletes.

High touch surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized by hand with disinfectant wipe or spray in between all classes (door knobs, light switches, faucets, etc.)


We know this cheer season is going to look different, but we can’t wait to see our athletes back on the mat and progressing their skills!
Please email us with any questions


See you soon!
Kenora All Star Cheerleading Staff & Coaches



Kenora All Star Cheerleading is a Recreational and Competitive All Star Gym. Athletes can participate in half year programs that focus on learning the skills of cheerleading with their friends in a fun environment. Competitive programs are skill-based and provide an opportunity to work together and independently to get new skills.


Kenora All Star Cheerleading has a program philosophy that focuses on character building and leadership. The strength of the team and your role in contributing to the team is a underlying focus in our program. KAS builds strong cheerleaders but more importantly young women who develop confidence, compassion and drive to be successful in life.

Kenora All Star Cheerleading facilitates Leadership development through our Coaches in Training program. Athletes 12 years and up learn about safe coaching and develop an understanding of child development and athletes in sport. This training build confidence and strength interpersonal relationships that will be useful in cheer, their future career and in life.

Kenora All Star Cheerleading is a Spring Tumbling CDT Small Gym and Virtual Gm member.

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